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Terms of Service and Rules

UKDivers Terms & Conditions of use

The providers ("we", us, our or “UKDivers”) of this web site (“Service”) are not responsible for any user-generated or automated content posted (“Content”). Content posted express the views of their author only.

The domain UKDivers and the associated website and forum brand remain the intellectual property of Peter Turnbull and is administered by a team of volunteer moderators acting under his authority in the best interest of the UKDivers brand.

We reserve the rights to remove or modify any Content posted for any reason without explanation. Threads are closed or removed when the thread has gone too far off topic or where the thread is no longer appropriate to the membership of UKDivers. Requests for Content to be removed or modified will be undertaken only at our discretion. We reserve the right to take action against any account with the Service at any time.

By participating in this forum, you are agreeing to abide by these Terms and Conditions of use. You are granting us with a non-exclusive, unlimited license to use, publish, or re-publish your Content within the Service. You retain copyright over any Content that you post where you hold the copyright for such content. All Content you submit or upload may be reviewed for applicability by the moderation team. Do not submit any Content that you consider to be private or confidential.

UKDivers is not responsible for any financial loss, material loss, disputes arising from or for any injury or any death caused by the sale or transfer of any equipment between members who made contact through or arranged a sale or transfer through the UKDivers forum. All sales and transfers, whether financial or free of charge, are transacted solely at the discretion of and are the sole responsibility of the parties involved in the transaction.

1 Forum behaviour The following will not be tolerated on the UKDivers forums:

  • Posts which are defamatory, abusive, hateful or threatening
  • Posts which are illegal or incite any other member to perform any illegal activity
  • Posts containing content, either directly attached or linked to on external websites, to which the posting member cannot verify that they own the copyright.
  • Posts deemed to be offensive or likely to cause offense on an open forum
  • Posts containing jokes which are overly unsympathetic to situations around the world and which could cause upset to anyone involved
  • Posts containing racist, sexist, homophobic, discriminatory, sexually explicit or other content which may be deemed as inappropriate to other forum members
  • Posts which contain incitement to cause violence, hatred or anything else which restricts human rights or could be interpreted as such
  • Spamming (multiple copies in one area or the same communication in multiple areas) of threads, posts or members via PM
  • Spambots (the use of automated or semi-automated systems for making posts)
  • Making posts with the apparent intent of generating a response from another member with the aim of promoting an argument or disagreement
  • Posts which abuse another member verbally or constitute a verbal attack or incitement to do so
  • Starting another thread to discuss the closure, censorship or other moderation of another thread or member.
Any of the above may result in the member being subjected to the controls set out in the Blocks and Bans section of these Terms and Conditions.

2 Moderation and Administration The moderation team (which includes the site Administrators) of UKDivers aim to be as fair as possible and apply rules and moderation in a consistent manner. However, this is a forum moderated by individuals who have different views of appropriateness. Therefore there may be occasions where individual moderators deem a post be inappropriate and moderate it accordingly which members do not agree with. By accepting these Terms and Conditions you agree to accept that we are all human and irrespective of the guidance that moderators receive, the interpretation of the guidelines is subject to a moderator’s personal view of appropriateness.

Explanations relating to any moderation actions which are taken either on individual or multiple posts, threads or individual members will not be made public on the forum or to other members unless such an explanation of the action could be beneficial in preventing future instances of a similar nature. No correspondence will be entered into in respect of any moderation action taken. However, if a member believes that moderation of their content has been excessive or unwarranted they may contact the site admin, PeterT, via the contact page accessible via the website. This is not guaranteed to generate a response directly to the reporting member and any discussions between PeterT and the member or moderator(s) concerned will not be disclosed publically.

UKDivers is PeterT’s forum and the moderators help maintain appropriate behaviour and content on his behalf. The choice is that of the member whether to remain a member or leave should the level of moderation be deemed unacceptable. The moderation team’s decisions are final.

3 Member Avatars, Names and Signatures Member avatars are not allowed to include commercial organisation names, charity names, club names or logos unless the member has sponsored the site as a Commercial Sponsor. Members’ names are not allowed to include commercial organisation, charity or club names, email addresses or any other related content unless the member has sponsored the site as a Commercial Sponsor. Members’ signatures are not allowed to include references to their associated commercial organisations, email addresses or any other related content unless the member has sponsored the site as a Commercial Sponsor. The moderation team may also remove elements from a signature should the content of such a signature been deemed inappropriate to the UKDivers brand.

4 Selling Personal Items Members who have more than 10 diving related posts will be allowed to sell items of diving related equipment which they no longer require. If the moderation team feel that a member is advertising an unusually high amount of kit, or suspect that the member is a commercial organisation posing as a forum member then the member will have posting restrictions applied until they can convince the moderation team that they are not a commercial organisation. Personal sales adverts must be posted within the ‘Personal Ads’ section only and up to a maximum of £500 only. Adverts posted elsewhere or with a combined value of more than £500 will be removed unless approved in advance by the moderation team.

5 Commercial Posting Commercial posting is allowed once a member has registered as a commercial member and provided sponsorship towards the upkeep of the site. For further information relating to Commercial Posting and the current level of suggested donations please contact the UKDivers admin or send a Private Message (PM) to PeterT.

6 Sponsorship We welcome all donations towards the upkeep of the site. Sponsorship does not afford the member any special privileges or concessions as far as how the Terms and Conditions are applied. All Terms and Conditions below will still be applied including bans, where necessary, with no refund being given. By donating as a Site Sponsor the member will receive a sponsor banner. Commercial organisations may also sponsor the site which will allow them to advertise within the ‘Commercial Ads’ section. There is no timescale within which a donator will receive their banner or the ability to post as a commercial organisation although we endeavour to apply any changes within 2 weeks.

7 Advertisement of events Members are not allowed to post links to events with an entry fee which are arranged by organisations from which they receive any financial compensation unless they are a Commercial Sponsor. Commercial Sponsors may post such events but these should be posted in the ‘Commercial Ads’ forum.

8 Reporting Posts If any member feels that a post or thread is outside of the Terms and Conditions of use set out herein they should make a report by using the ‘Report’ option which is prevalent throughout the forum.

9 Blocks and Bans The moderation team are under no requirement to communicate with any member who is banned. Any ban imposed where members breach any of the Terms and Conditions of use may be either short term (typically 48 hours) or permanent. If a previously responsible member breaches any of the Terms and Conditions then a warning may be issued via Private Message by a moderator. If the member fails to change their behaviour then a ban will be imposed with no further warning. This ban may be lifted once the moderation team are assured that the member will comply with the Terms and Conditions in future. Any future breach of any of the Terms and Conditions will result in a permanent ban. Bans will be applied using the most appropriate method including, but not limited to, IP address, username or email address. Where a banned member attempts to re-register for the forum with a different username then their existing ban will be instated on their new username. Banned members details remain within this database even after the ban is imposed. Anyone who has been banned and wishes for their information to be removed should contact the site administrator using the Contact link which his present on the website.

10 Member validation and privacy As part of the administration, moderation and housekeeping activities of the UKDivers site visitors IP addresses are stored in a database. This information may be interrogated in order to reduce the number of spammers attempting to register at the site. In addition to this, information provided by a member is also stored in a database. This information is not sold to any third party. The site also uses cookies to store information relating to a visitors’ preferences when accessing the site. If a member selects the ‘save details’ option when logging in to the forum this information will remain in the visitors’ internet browser cache even after the session is closed. For information on how to clear this cache please use the help option for your chosen internet browser. Members details remain within the site database even after the member closes their account or after a ban is imposed. Anyone who has been banned or has closed their account and wishes for their information to be purged should contact the site administrator.

11 Applicability of terms and conditions For instances where the legality of posts is referred to within these Terms and Conditions, the law of the United Kingdom will prevail. The moderation team have the right to change these Terms and Conditions without notice in order to maintain the preferred ethos of the site. Changes to the Terms and Conditions will be notified via the Site News & Important Notices section. Members must modify their behaviour or posts in line with such changes immediately of the announcement or their account will be put on hold until they contact the moderators. If you do not agree with these terms, please do not register or use this Service.

Terms & Conditions last updated 05 March 2012

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